The Foundation is honored to recognize the following individuals, families, and organizations who have demonstrated their commitment to our mission during the 2015-2016 school year.   This list is current as of 1/5/2016.

Summa Cum Laude ($5,000 and above)

The Gladden Family

Magna Cum Laude ($2,500 and above)

In Recognition of Van Antwerp Children

Valedictorian ($1,000 and above)

Diana and David Moore
Jon Fox
Kuetemeyer Family
Lindsay and Brad Seaman
Scholly Family
The Connery Family
Thomas and Bridget
Tony and Kathy Coughlan

High Honors ($500 and above)

Anthony and Elizabeth Abbattista
Elisa Allan
Walter and Kathryn Begley
Rich and Liz Brandel
Dave and Erin Brush
Megan and Lance Chody
Anneliese and Bob Crawford
Ed-Tech Solutions, LLC
Jeffrey Ellis & Carol Gilden
Chantal and Jim Foster
Diane and Will Gregg
The Kazarian Family
Vicky and Terry Kearney
Molly and Charles King
Todd and Kiersten Litzsinger
Colette and Steve Mendelson
The Nemickas Family
Rebecca and Mark Oline
Gary and Angela Rappeport
In honor of Dianne & Anthony Romano
The Silvernail Family
Scott and Vicki White
Zinser Perkins Family

Honors ($250 and above)

David & Julie Abdallah
Roy and Kristen Anderson
Simone and James Asmussen
The Barnhart Family
John and Karen Bender
Lynn and Jim Bertram
Mindy and Malcolm Bourne
Matthew Brown
Lance and Julie Carlson
John & Kiki Clark
Rick & Colleen Coughlin
The Cutting Family
The D’Alessandro Family
Amy & John Davidson
Sally Davis
Michael and Johnna Deering
The Deubler Family
Duggan Family
Eckert Family
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Foley
Jeff & Julie Folker
Gerry Ford
The Galvin Family
David Gherlein
The Grahams
Douglass and Ann Marie Greeve Family Fund
The Guysinger Family
Doris & Derek Han
Michael and Janiece Higgins
Tom & Debbie Hodgkins
Cindy and Tuck Holman
Elinor & Ross Jannotta
Beth and Rick Jones
Alexa and Harry Karkazis
Lynne and Jay Kennedy
Mr. Edward Kyle
David and Terri LeClercq
Laura and Geoffrey Luce
The Mahoney Family
Andy & Roxanne Majka
Manzer Family
Peter Martens
Keith and Anne Martino
Mark and Ellen Marwede
Chris and Pamela McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Milanak
Mills Family
The Notz Family
Amy and Mark Parsky
Mark and Susan Pasquella
Frank & Vicki Pasquesi
Garth & Kristin Pearson
Tim Pepowski and Peggy Jadwin
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Peters
Jim and Leticia Pink
Pompe van Meerdervoort Family
Ross and Camille Prindle
Mason and Katherine Reay
Scott and Natalie Rempala
Robb Family
The Rolander Family
Mr. Robert Marshall Roloson
The Romanchek Family
Bruce and Kathleen Rylance
Anne and Steve Skinner
Mark and Laura Sokol
Chris and Julie Stride
Laura and Jeff Torosian
Trammell Family
Dr. Tina Venetos
The Waggoner Family
Greg and Fiona Warsek
Pam and David Waud
The Whittington Family
Daniel & Julie Wickman
The Winebrenner Family
Yardimci Family
Anonymous (5)

All Academic ($150 and above)

Rich and Kristy Adams
Tessa & Alex Aquino
Sue and Jim Armstrong
The Arnson Family
The Atzeff Family
Chris & Kara Bolton
Kate & Greg Buckardt
Burger Family
Shauna Burns
Ed and Laura Carney
The Chamberlain Family
John and Susan Chandler
David Choo
Raymond and Jennifer Chow
Lee & Kimberly Clair
Maddie and JD Collins
Tom and Khris Condon
Jill and Bruce Danly
Davis Family
The Davis Family
Delaney Family
Deborah K. Deters
Doheny Family
The Durburg Family
Ann and Robert Johnson
Fahey Family
Karla and Gary Finley
Scott & Eileen Fleming
Michael and Laura Flynn
Mr. Timothy G. & Mrs. Wendy F. Franzen
Frauenheim Family
Ellen & Mark Funk
Melissa and Greg Glyman
My 3 Son’s
Sarah Gunderson
Rich and Kathleen Hanson
The Hill Family
Tanya and Dan Jasica
The Hutchen Famiy
In Recognition of Ali’s grandmother Rosario Casipe
Jim and Linda Jensen
Walt and Nancy Johnston
Barb and Kit Kamholz
Heather and John Kaptrosky
Ron & Barbara Kelner
Alicia & Mike Kennaugh
Kirages Family
The Kocourek Family
Diana and Bo Kreiling
Hal Krider
The Kuby Family
Rob and Andrea Lemke
Jay and Joy Lenstrom
Richard Levin and Sally McDonald
Marra and Ken Lochiatto
The Loghinov Family
The Longoria Family
Perry and Julie Mangione
Margolis Family
Ron & Ruth Martin
Howard Martino Family
The Andy Marwede Family
Drs. Mark and Karen Mass
Donna Mazur
The McGregor-Breidenbach Family
Erin Paschke Miller
Rhian and Scott Morcott
Colleen & Neal Nicholas
Leslie and John O’Connor
The Oakley Family
Jim and Lisa Oberheide
The Page Family
George and Kim Panos
Parris Devine and Kate Amaral
John and Patti Pasquesi
Scot and Lori Pepper
Sara and Louis Pickus
Jeff and Karen Pinderski
Tim and Jane Pire
Lori Pomerich
Heidi Prom
Karen and Mark Ragusa
David & Donna Raye
Natalie and Patrick Reinkemeyer
Norbert and Loan Riedel
Reggie and Christy Riley
Beth Robertson
David & Melinda Rohrbach
Rob & Suzette Rowe
Carla Rytell
Sarver Family
Pat and Kathy Shalala
Bonnie & John Shaul
Mari and Mike Simeck
Laura and Tom Skinner
Kingston and Ann Marie Smith
William & Bonnie Smith
Doug and Jean Sullivan
Jim and Kathy Sullivan
Sunset Food Mart, Inc
The Thornberry Family
The Torkelson Family
The Traynor Family
Turelli Family
The Vangalis Family
Colleen & Bob Vedra
Erik and Susanne von Borcke
Michael and Shawn Ward
Mitch and Gigi Warren
Theodore Yi
Hank and Anne Zanarini
Edmund & Casandra Zarek
Anonymous (9)

Friend (up to $150)

Joyce and Rich Allen
Ric & Barbara Andersen
The Andress Family
Mike & Barbara Annin
The Jeff Arch Family
Susie and Bill Athenson
Bill & Martha Avery
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Barbour
Benjakul Family
The Berklich/Starr Family
The Best Family
The Burdiak Family
Julie and Rob Butler
Marcy and Jim Calaway
Sara Campbell
Sheila & John Cavalaris
David and Trish Ciesinski
Clemmensen Family
Sally Crandall
Jennifer and Rick Daniels
Carolyn Dapier
DaValle Family
Marcia and Nick Dayton
Steven Dethlefsen
Thomas E. Digan
Scott and Heather Drach
Wiebke & Marcus Droege
Bill Frost and Lise Eliot
The Eveleigh Family
Rich and Meredith Fiocchi
Deborah & Aquiles Fischer
The Fisher Family
Maureen & Michael Freeman
The Gescheidle Family
Greg and Susie Gibson
Melissa and Dave Giordano
Michelle and Don Glyman
Joe and Ellen Granda
The Grieve Family
Diane and Peter Grumhaus
Karen and Mike Guido
Deborah and Scott Gulson
Brendan & Tracey Haldane
Jackie Hendricks
Jerry and Joann Jacks
Wendy and Jayson Kaus
Matthew and Tammy Kerouac
The Kissel Family
Mr and Mrs David Klavsons
John G. Klinge
The Knipe Family
Kovanda Family
Allstate Giving Campaign
John & Michelle Landis
Thomas & Juliann Larimer
The Lekberg Family
Lille Alexander, Ltd.
JR Locey
Dale and Linda Lomax
Lotharius Family
Aldo and Erin Mancini
Jose and Kecia Marquez
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McGreevy
Medema Family
In Honor of Jo and Morris DeYoung
In Memory of Eileen Cole Metzger
David/Nancy Michael
Moll Family
Monfardini Family
Lisa Nehring
Carl and Claire Noble
James and Jin Park
Pons Family
Michelle & Bill Porter
Kristin and Rob Puryear
In Recognition of Marty Kalebic
Michael and Lori Redding
Kevin and Micaiah Robinson
Rohrs Family
Pam and Bob Salm
Suzanne Salzwedel
Philip Sardo
Karen G. Schmid
Schmider Family
Dave and Mary Beth Schmidt
Ekkehard and Elizabeth Schoettle
Jenn and Brian Scott
Vince & Peggy Sparrow
Cheri and Wayne Spath
Sandy and Bob Stambolic
Liz and Brian Staunton
Brian & Megan Stockton
Stan and Carrol Stovold
Jennifer and Greg Strauss
Scott and Alicia Streightiff
Patrick and Mary Sullivan
Rob and Jenny Szostak
Stephanie and Erik Cook
The Mustard Seed
The Theis Family
Brandon and Anne Thomas
Margo and Glenn Thomas
Nina and Tom Vallone
Patty Walker
Leanna & Richard Walther
The Yuan Family
The Watters Family
Stephen and Sara Wenc
Tom and Diana Wettermann
Jane Woloson
Hilary Lane Wonham
Youdell Elizabeth
The Zeeman Family
The Zitko Family
Anonymous (8)