The Foundation is honored to recognize the following individuals, families, and organizations who have demonstrated their commitment to our mission during the 2014-2015 school year.   This list is current as of 6/28/2015.

Summa Cum Laude ($5,000 and above)

Richman Family Charitable Gift Fund
The Bruning Foundation
Rich and Liz Brandel

Magna Cum Laude ($2,500 and above)

Andrew Gottshalk
Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.
Irene M. and Milton R. Weed Foundation in recognition of Van Antwerp Children

Valedictorian ($1,000 and above)

Christopher and Debra Bernish
Terry and Gail Boudreaux
Mr. Nicholas Chabraja
Lauren Kuetemeyer
Diana and David Moore
Mark and Debbie Saran
Lindsay and Brad Seaman
Corinne and James Torkelson
Jane Sinclair and Justin Wescombe

High Honors ($500 and above)

Anonymous (2)
Anthony and Elizabeth Abbattista
The Africk Family
JoAnn and Frank Alaimo
Walt and Kate Begley
Anneliese and Bob Crawford
Daniel Doherty
Cornelius DuBose
Dan and Leah Fietsam
Chantal Foster
Foundation 33.11
Jennifer Gattari
Kathy and David Gherlein
Gorter Family Foundation
Diane and Will Gregg
The Kazarian Family
V Kearney
Lee Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Luce
Martin and Maria Angelica Mercer
Mills Family
Vanessa and Stafford O’Kelly
Rebecca and Mark Oline
Una B. Ortell
Kieran and Therese O’Sullivan
Timothy Pepowski
Ted Phillips
John and Robin Powers
The Shannahan Family
Susanne Slaughter
Sunset Foods
Paul and Carolann Stickler
Greg and Fiona Warsek

Honors ($250 and above)

Jim and Simone Asmussen
Blendonohy Family
Bogdanowicz Family
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bourne
Dave and Erin Brush
The Carlson Family
The Carney Family
Chody Family
Tom and Khris Condon
Sally Davis
The Delaney Family
Don and Annick Deubler
The Eckert Family
Carol and Jeff Ellis
Kim and Bill Galvin
Joan Garner
Patrick and Jennifer Gattari
Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program
Douglas and Ann Marie Grieve Family Fund
Helen Huijie Guo
The Guysinger Family
Bridgett and Tom Halloran
Jeniece and Michael Higgins
J McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Jannotta
Rick and Beth Jones
Harry and Alexa Karkazis
Molly and Charlie King
John Klinge
Holly and Ned Kyle
Joy and Jay Lenstrom
Richard Levin and Sally McDonald
Andy and Roxanne Majka
The Mankoff Family
Jennifer and Charlie Margolis
Martin and Associates
Keith and Anne Martino
Karen McGowan
Bill and Casey Mitchell
Tom and Elizabeth Nemickas
The Notz Family
Tom and Valerie Papastefan
Brett Paschke and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pasquella
Frank and Victoria Pasquesi
Garth and Kristin Pearson
Ross and Camille Prindle
Gary and Angela Rappeport
Susan Rolander
Romanchek Family
Laurie Rose
The Salzer Family
Hannah Scholly
Dan and Peggy Schweller
Steve and Anne Skinner
Dr. Tina Venetos
The Waggoner Family
Terri and Dave Yamauchi
Zinser/Perkins Family

All Academic ($150 and above)

Anonymous (3)
David and Julie Abdallah
Roy and Kristen Anderson
Bill and Kristen Anderson
Megan Andress
The Arnson Family
Rebecca Bailey
Stacy E. Barkulis
Bauder Family
Rob and Suzanne Bentley
Patrick Berklich
Kara and Chris Bolton
The Carroll Family
Grant and Maureen Chamberlain
The Day Family
Gail DeMay
Tom and Debbie Dent
Wiebke and Marcus Droege
Jim and Laura Duggan
Karla and Gary Finley
Scott and Eileen Fleming
Jeff and Julie Folker
Wendy and Tim Franzen
The Frauenheim Family
Ellen and Mark Funk
The Gescheidle Family
Susie and Greg Gibson
Peter and Diane Grumhaus
The Hutchens Family
The Janeck Family
Dan and Tanya Jasica
John and Heather Kaptrosky
The Karahalios Family
The Kocourek Family
Diana and Bo Kreiling
Rob and Andrea Lemke
Marra and Ken Lochiatto
Lotharius Family
Cecily and Mike Lynch
Mark and Ellen Marwede
Donna and Eric Mazur
Mark and Joy McGreevy
Jennifer McGregor
Patty and Scott Moore
Joe and Jill Nolan
The Oakley Family
The Oberheide Family
Leslie and John O’Connor
Janet Page
Amy and Mark Parsky
John and Patti Pasquesi
Sara and Louis Pickus
The Poth Family
Karen and Mark Ragusa
Natalie and Patrick Reinkemeyer
The Rourke Family
Charlie and Laurie Rule
The Scheidler Family
Schmider Family
Liz and Brian Staunton
The Turelli Family
Curt and Sue Volkman
Sailor Ward
Michael and Shawn Ward
Mitch and Gigi Warren
Richard T. Wetherland
Mr. and Mrs. Rush Weeden
The Whittington Family
Anne Winebrenner
The Youdell Family
Jim and Tina Young
Hank and Anne Zanarini
Martha and Greg Zeeman

Friend (up to $150)

Anonymous (6)
Abbott Matching Gift Fund
Alixandra Collections
Barbara Annin
Sue and Jim Armstrong
The Audley Family, in Honor of Jim Gantt
Bill and Martha Avery
Tony Babnik
Ann and Joe Barbour
Benjakul Family
Andrea Best
Joe and Lynell Boveri
Greg and Kate Buckardt
Burger Family
Rob and Julie Butler
John and Susan Chandler
Beth and Chris Clemmensen
The Cook Family
Cindy and John Corrigan
Jennifer Daniels
Tom and Sue Dannecker
The Dayton Family
Bridgette and John Doheny
Ron and Julie Ehrens
EJ Mirage
Mary and Dan Flagstad
Jim and Kathy Fluri
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Foley Jr.
William Frost and Lise Eliot
Karen and Michael Guido
The Gulson Family
Jacquelyn Hendricks
Scott and Melinda Hill
Jill and Steve Hill
Lynette and Jeff Hinch
Francie Hodge
Jerry and Joann Jacks
The Jakaitis Family
Jayson and Wendy Kaus
John and Chris Kelley
Joseph and Maureen Kiernan
Kissel Family
The Knipe Family
Mrs. Vicky S. Kujawa
Lake Forest Resale Shop
Patrick and Kelly Lanigan
Lekberg Family
Lillie Alexander, Ltd
The Longoria Family
Luedeking Family
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Mangione
Kecia and Jose Marquez
Tom and Beth Marsh
Andy and Brenda Marwede
Kristi and Peter Nevin
Claire and Carl Noble
OSKA Chicago LLC
Jeff and Paulette Page
Mr.and Mrs. David J. Poulton
Quality Catering for Kids
Joyce Reda
The Riedel Family
Kevin and Micaiah Robinson
Carol Post and Steve Roper
Jill Rosa
Christine Rossman
Sara Campbell
Phil and Innes Sardo
Jim and Gretchen Seymour
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Andrea Sloan Vergano
Ann Marie Smith
Shangqing Song
Anne and Robert Sorenson
Peggy and Vince Sparrow
Dave and Patty Steindl
Brian and Megan Stockton
The Douglas Sullivan Family
The James Sullivan Family
 Margo and Glenn Thomas
The Vallone Family
Ann Vertovec
Patty Walker
Leanna and Richard Walther
Anne Whipple
Jeff and Jennifer Williams
The Yuan Family
Laurie and Jim Woodrum