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Who is eligible to apply:

LFHS faculty and staff, students, parents, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood community members may apply for a grant. All grants must be approved by the appropriate Department Chair or Instructional Director before submission.

How to apply:

Simply complete the grant application via the Google Form. Additional information may be submitted as an attachment to the completed form.

Questions about the applications must be sent to or Receipt of the application will be confirmed via email after submission.

Grant applications are due by 5 pm on Friday, January 18, 2019. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Please note: Select grants meeting certain criteria may be approved in the fall. For more information, contact Christiana Walsh (, Grants Chair, or Jim Sullivan (, Faculty Liaison

Submission Process:

All applications are thoroughly reviewed by the LFHS Foundation Grants Committee. In addition, the Grants Committee will consult with the D115 Technology Director and Director of Buildings & Grounds to ensure all requests are compatible with the school’s technology and building infrastructures. All potential issues must be resolved prior to submitting the application.

The Grants Committee also will meet with the LFHS principal to ensure that each application supports the curriculum.

A note regarding bid requirements: The Illinois School Code requires that all contracts for supplies and materials involving expenditure in excess of $10,000 must adhere to the BIDDING PROCESS. When developing a Foundation grant application keep this requirement in mind, as it will add to the timing and implementation of the entire process. Certain products (such as technology) are exempt from competitive bidding requirements. For more specific information, please contact the LFHS Business Office.

Additional Information and Follow up for Grants Awarded:

  • Funds provided by the LFHS Foundation must be used solely for the purchase of the approved products and/or services. All products acquired remain the property of District 115.
  • Payouts under the grant must be completed by December 1.
  • Grant recipients must complete a Final Report by December 1, unless otherwise specified in the Grant Award Letter.
  • Grant recipients may be asked to identify and publicize that the LFHS Foundation made their project possible. Award recipients may be interviewed and photographed by Foundation trustees or their representatives for publicity purposes on the Foundation’s website, LFHS website, or local publications.

Grant Forms

Grant Application

Final Grant Report

Procurement and Payment Process