Supporting New Learning Opportunities in the LFHS English Department

Every year the Lake Forest High School (LFHS) Foundation provides funding to help advance academics at LFHS. Founded in 2002, the LFHS Foundation has awarded 220 grants, totaling more than $1.6 million, since its inception.


Recently the English department has received four grants including:

  • LFHS Newspaper Magazine Pilot: a new, in-print, bi-quarterly school newspaper/magazine to supplement the online publication of the school newspaper, The Forest Scout. “The school newspaper magazine made us feel official. It really solidified our writing as something real and meaningful,” says Olivia Vallone, LFHS senior. This grant was co-funded by the LFHS Foundation and the Boosters. To read an online version of The Forest Scout go to
  • Journalism Monitors: Ten 24” high-resolution monitors provide a wide screen, HD display to allow journalism students to work more effectively and professionally while creating the school newspaper, The Forest Scout.
  • Blu-ray and Surround Sound System: Two classrooms outfitted with Surround Sound system and Blu-ray players have enhanced all film, music and auditory presentations enabling students to hear auditory details and clearly view visual details that were not possible with prior equipment.
  • Video and Audio Recording Kits: New video and audio recording kits enhance Chrome book capabilities and promote student collaborations. “The new recording kits have gone beyond our expectations. The teachers and students are excited to experiment with this new technology. The possibilities are endless,” says English teacher Amy Birtman.


“The English Department is grateful for being awarded many Foundation grants. Each grant has had a tremendous impact on student learning. The students are able to reflect on and evaluate their contributions to class discussions with the audio kits, to work with the highest quality computer equipment and produce a highly professional newspaper magazine in journalism, and to analyze another fact of film with the optimization of sound,” says English Department Chair Kristen Carlson.


Please support academics at LFHS by donating to the LFHS Foundation at so that more learning opportunities like these can be made available to students. Also, save the date for LFHS Foundation’s annual spring luncheon on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.