Growing entrepreneurs, one idea at a time

The LFHS Foundation has partnered with the High School to create the Business Incubator.  Starting in Fall 2014, this course in the Business Department offers students a unique opportunity to be true entrepreneurs by creating and developing their own product or service. Students are coached and mentored by real entrepreneurs and business experts from our community. During the yearlong course, student teams learn about ideation, marketing, accounting, human resources, as well as the legal aspects of running a business.To further inspire creativity, the customized classroom (Innovation Incubator) is designed to ignite brainstorming and foster collaboration as they develop products and services for the real world.  The course culminates in Pitch Night a “Shark-Tank” style presentation where student teams present their innovative ideas to a Board of Directors for the chance to win funding for their businesses.Please email questions to

Please enjoy the attached video from the LFHS New Media Department and
edited by Incubator Student Jaxon Mills

 Business Incubator Course Video


Three student groups, out of four who presented, were funded at the end of the night
at the third annual Pitch Night on May 25, 2017  at LFHS.

Big Top

is built off of a platform called Ion 360. Ion 360 is a charging smartphone case with an attachable 360 camera. What their company does is manipulate our millennial minds to come up with utilities to add onto the charging smartphone case. The first one they came with up is an attachable speaker. It goes on the top of the Ion 360 charging case.

Founded By: A Caputo, E Hoshino, P Jannotta and R Wasserman

Mentor: R Garriques




Generation Integration

provides a website that links high school students looking for community service to senior living homes to better the social atmosphere and create positive and meaningful relationships between the generations.

Founded By: C Bloom, J Bukhardt, T Conley, S Silvernail

Mentor: B Gariano



Lightning Bug

is an on demand babysitting app that instantly provides reliable babysitters to parents with children ages 0-12 who want to go out, without the hassle of planning and finding a babysitter in advance.

Founded By: M DaValle, L Edwards, G Geraghty, J Norkus and C Wilbur

Mentor: P Best





Two student groups, out of five who presented, were each funded a total of $20,000 at the end of the night
at the second annual Pitch Night on May 26, 2016  at LFHS.

Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound will now continue on as a Senior level business class
to further their ideas and to grow their business.


Peach Academics



The student group funded at the first annual Pitch Night on May 28, 2015  at LFHS was