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Safe and Sound Spray Continues to Grow

The success of the LFHS Business Incubator continues to increase. Now in its fourth year at the high school, the junior year honors class consistently produces entrepreneurial outcomes in its students.

Safe and Sound Spray, a team funded in 2016 has continued to grow even after its founders have moved on to college. Jenelle Frevert and Gwen Driscoll are now finishing their first year of college, but the business they developed their junior year in the LFHS Business Incubator classroom continues to grow… thanks to their entrepreneurial mindset.Safe and Sound Spray at LFHS Foundation Luncheon

Safe and Sound Pitches Again

Safe and Sound participated in the Watermark Conference For Women in Silicon Valley this past February. Their participation allowed the company to bring their product to the attention of QVC and Zulily, where they pitched their product. A self-defense spray created by two women fit right into the heart of the #MeToo movement. NBC San Jose did a short interview of the company at the conference.

Growing their business continues…

Once they returned home, they have not rested on their successes. They sponsored a self-defense seminar in March and continue to work to promote their business. Jenelle recently shared some of her insights about their growth as an idea to their most recent national business pitches with the attendees at the LFHS Foundation Spring Luncheon on April 19th at Exmoor Country Club. Safe and Sound Spray also nearly sold out of their products after the presentation at the Foundation’s luncheon.

Keep watching Safe and Sound Spray as they work to sell their product and expand their business.

Safe and Sound keeps moving forward…

In the meantime, keep up on all the news from Safe and Sound Spray:

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