Spectators packed the Raymond Moore Auditorium for the 4th Annual Pitch Night 2018!

Congratulations to all who participated in Pitch Night 2018 in a packed Raymond Moore Auditorium on June 1st.
We would like to congratulate the two teams that received funding and awards.

Muscle Mend – Received $7,000 in Funding

Created by: Alan Cecherz, Ryan Cekay, Olivia Jaskula, and Leland Keller, with the help of Mike Galeski. 
Muscle Mend is a physical therapy kit that includes medically approved injury specific tools and instructional videos for patients in one package. This allows patients to continue doing affordable physical therapy in the comfort of their own home or even on the go. As athletes, we know how difficult it can be to fit physical therapy sessions into one’s busy schedule. Muscle Mend not only provides you with the tools you need for a full recovery, but also gives you every step necessary for rehabilitation and a full recovery. Funding provided by LFHS Foundation. Muscle Mend also received the 2018 Foundation Cup Award!

Smart Senior – Received $3,000 in Funding

Created by: Katie Hubbard, Jack Keil, Kate Reinhardt, and Sasha Sklarov, and mentored by Marty Vander Velde.
Smart Senior is a service that creates a class-like environment in order to teach technology to adults and plug them into the 21st century. Funding provided by LFHS Foundation.
Smart Senior also received the 2018 Best Pitch Award!
All of the students from the Business Incubator classes presented their business ideas in the lobby of the RMA to the spectators before Pitch Night. It was a great way to share all of the amazing entrepreneurial ideas that were formed through the year.

Thank you to the generous sponsors of the 2018 Pitch Night

The LFHS Foundation has partnered with Lake Forest High School to create the Business Incubator.  Starting in Fall 2015, this Junior level Honors course in the Business Department offers students a unique opportunity to be true entrepreneurs by creating and developing their own product or service. Students are coached and mentored by real entrepreneurs and business experts from our community. During the yearlong course, student teams learn about ideation, marketing, accounting, human resources, as well as the legal aspects of running a business. Principles and processes from the LEAN concept help students test their thinking. To further inspire creativity, the customized classroom (Business Incubator) is designed to ignite brainstorming and foster collaboration as they develop products and services for the real world.   The course culminates in Pitch Night a “Shark-Tank” style presentation where student teams present their innovative ideas to a Board of Directors for the chance to earn funding for their businesses. Part of this process also includes the student teams working to create promotional materials, press releases, and to solicit potential investors to attend Pitch Night.

Teams that are funded during Pitch Night will then to continue on with the process of starting up their business in the second year program, Business Accelerator – a Senior level honors business class.

For questions, email lfhsfoundationbi@gmail.com.

Are you interested in becoming a mentor or coach for a team for the 2018-19 school year?

Contact Nikki at lfhsfoundationbi@gmail.com for more information.