Donations to the LFHS Foundation from people like you have funded over $2.1 million in grants, fulfilling a wish list that has transformed learning across the curriculum. We have built a partnership with LFHS teachers, students and administrators to assist in creating a top-notch learning environment for all. Limited only by their imagination, teachers and students apply for grants that help provide learning experiences most can only dream of. The Foundation carefully vets these requests to insure that we are making strategic investments in educational excellence.

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Investing in Educational Excellence 

Foundation grants have helped transform classrooms into learning spaces that mirror professional environments; providing students with opportunities to gain real world experience across the curriculum. Your donations provide world-class materials in every department, from art to wellness and beyond.

Coming in 2018  

Students will have access to underwater robotic kits giving them opportunities to develop deeper understandings of buoyancy, propulsion, velocity, acceleration and movement. The Digital Arts room, using equipment granted in previous years along with this year’s grant, will be transformed into a cutting-edge collaborative work space with a new 80″ monitor for class demonstrations, 6 whiteboard collaboration tables with attached 50″ monitors and AppleTV for wirelessly monitoring displays. Audio video recording kits will be available across departments for student projects such as creating news broadcasts in history classes, product commercials in business classes and much more.  Visit our Grants 2018 page to learn more about all the grants awarded across nine curricular areas this spring alone. 

Your Support is Critical 

This impact only happens with your generosity. The LFHS Foundation is dedicated  to supporting, enriching, and enhancing the Lake Forest High School experience for all students, faculty, and staff by investing in educational excellence.
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