2017-2018 Board of Trustees

 Executive Board
Chair – Jeff Folker 

 Secretary – Monica Kutz

Treasurer – Lisa Watters 

Vice Chair Development – Colette Mendelson

Vice Chair Grants – Jenny Zinser 

Vice Chair Marketing Communications – Beth Clemmensen

Vice Chair Business Incubator – Nikki Rhomberg 

Vice Chair Spring Luncheon – Kathy Beck

Vice Chair Nominating – Whitney Keller


Marketing Communications 

Vice Chair – Beth Clemmensen

Copywriter/PR – Susan Carlson

Graphic Design – Leslie Lord

Constant Contact/FB – Chris Keller

Webmaster – Yvette Pistorio

Grants & Marketing – Michelle Glyman

Photographer – Judi Olenick


Vice Chair – Colette Mendelson

Community Development – Alyson Dueringer

Corporate Development – Todd Nugent

Database Management – Sean Leahy


Vice Chair – Jenny Zinser

Liaison – Holly Kyle

Liaison – Kristin O’Neil

Liaison – Simone Asmusson

Grants/Financial Coordinator – Christiana Walsh

Grants/Constant Contact/FB – OPEN

Grants & Marketing – Michelle Glyman

Faculty Liaison – Jim Sullivan

Spring Luncheon Co-Chair – Annie Atzeff

Business Incubator Co-Chair – Michelle Gramza

Asst. Treasurer – Lindsay Seaman

APT/Boosters Liaison – Eileen Swartout

Past Chair – Liz Brandel

Faculty Liaison – Jim Sullivan

Superintendent – Michael Simeck

LFHS Principal – Dr. Challa Holland

Board of Education Liaison – Sally Davis

Board of Education Liaison – Diana Kreiling

Board of Education Liaison – Dr. Tom Nemickas